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Cicada Drone

A Call in the Twilight

A Husk and A Shell
22 September 1987
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Removing another layer, to leave a piece of ourselves behind so as to grow, a husk of our former selves drying in the sun; in the back of our minds we hear a hum. That is the cicada drone. Another stage of life, this time to have wings.

Everything in my life has changed. I am not sure who or what I am. But, again, I turn to my totem - the cicada. Right now I am germinating...and it is ok.

I am extremely well rounded, a true Renaissance man, dabbling in collage, photography, theatre, historical research, philosophy and quantum sciences. I love new places, things, and people; the stranger the better. My mission is become rather jaded and over exposed it seems. Things I am wanting to know more about are: music, computer art, editing pictures with computers, html, sports, bod. mod. and anything I don’t know yet.

My greatest asset, in my opinion, is that for how ever jaded I become, I am still able to regress into some one who enjoys life at face value. The way water tastes, a first snow, driving for the sake of movement; so many things still have the ability to captivate me at the end of the day. Hate, unfairness, suffering, and sadness aside; the world is magical. And I find myself lucky to be able to question everything to learn its ins and outs, but I am also able to accept anything.

Three things about me:

I am a self-deprecating elitist, try to figure that one out.

I do not TRY to be how I am, but daily I find myself questioning how much of it is an act.

I was married at sixteen to my best-friend, who happened to be male, I recently have given up being a lesbian, I was horrid at it, and am now content to be pansexual with a female focus.

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